Myth busting with Google


In February 2013, I used Google to Google "Google" to do things with Google that Google staff had apparently never done.  Because with the Big Data IDD research method, I was able to originally discover what is the apparenlty first published use of the word Google as a thing.

The result was quite surprising: Click here to see

The method was then used to bust an astounding number of myths. Read my bragging rights to see. HERE

Read an expert peer reviewed article on the IDD method and some important original discoveries made with it. For example, Richard Dawkins did not coin the term 'Sefish Gene', Charles Darwin did not coin the term 'living fossil'. Discover the true origin of 'Humpty Dumpty' and 'moral panic'.


Read an expert peer reviewed article on how the IDD method proved Charles Darwin's and Alfred Wallace's plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's prior published theory of evolution by natural selection. Here.

Read another. Here