Read about Mike Sutton's hi-tech discovery of the New Data that bust the 155 year old Darwinist myth that no naturalist known to Darwin or Wallace read Patrick Matthew's prior published discovery of 1831.


Darwinist claims that Darwin and Wallace independently discovered Matthew's hypothesis, and independently replicated his unique terms and explanatory examples are about as probable as The Virgin Mary's immaculate conception of Jesus of Nazarath!


Read the evidence and arguments: Click here to read Mike Sutton's position paper on the New Data.

Read Mike Sutton's Rational Wiki paper on Patrick Matthew's priority over Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

Towards a science of veracity

Understanding and reducing the power of fallacies, myths and lies.

Dysology is the study of orthodox bias, academic blind spots, irrationality, pseudo scholarship and fraud influencing bad social science research, bad science, bad policymaking, quackery, counterknowledge, 'voodoo histories', 'voodoo criminology','flat earth news', unevidenced claptrap, truisms dressed up as causalities, de-bunked beliefs, and other ignorance.

Visit the Patrick Matthew site to learn about the world's greatest science fraud.

Why this scientist's face is long overdue on the back of the Scottish £10 note. Here.